Hanne Vedel

Hanne Vedel


The weaving workshop “Spindegaarden,” was established in 1949 by Paula Trock, and it is still an active, Danish institution under the direction of Hanne Vedel(1933-). Spindegaarden develops and produces the most refined, hand-woven craft and textiles for furniture, stemming from Trock’s founding mission to: “create work and experimention to enhance the artistic and professional level for textiles and the Danish weaving profession.”


Trock took weaving to new levels with her work “Hulgardinet”, app. 1950”, which revolutionized the understanding of how daylight could enter into the home. These transparent curtains have become a Danish tradition, and came to play an important role for the Scandinavian way of life in the years to come.


In 1969, while Vedel was already established with her own workshop, she was given the opportunity to take over “Spindegaarden” from Trock. Ever since, Vedel has continued Trock’s pioneering work and extended her legacy, focusing on experimenting and refining the workshop’s textiles. Vedel is especially famous for her furniture fabrics made from Wales wool, characterized by the dead fibers that give the fabrics their characteristic and authentic colors and touch.





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