By placing an order for any goods or services from this website, you accept the following terms of transaction. If you do not agree with any of the terms of transaction, you may choose not to order any goods or receive any services from this website (referred to below as we, us, our, as the case may be).


If you use a payment service provided by a third party such as WeChat, Alipay or PayPal in connection with a transaction, you may also be required to agree to accept the terms and conditions of such third party and bear the legal consequences of using the payment service.


1.Your Account with This Website

Upon your successful registration, this website will open an account for you, which account will serve as your unique identity when you trade on, and use the services of, this website. It is your own responsibility to keep safe your account login name and password. You undertake to use this website in good faith, and not to use your account with this website in connection with any profit-making business operations, not to engage in any unfair competitive conducts, not to disturb the normal order of online transactions, and not to do anything unrelated to online transactions. You agree and acknowledge that this website has the right to unilaterally determine whether you have breached any of your foregoing undertakings, and upon such determination, to handle such breach in accordance with applicable rules or cease its service to you, without a need to seek your consent or send you any advance notice. Users must accurately provide the information required in connection with its application for the services of this website. If there is any change in the information, please update it with this website ( If you use any social media to log in, the above terms also apply to your use of this website service through social media accounts. If you use other social media accounts and your activities on such other social media networks are unrelated to this website, then this website takes no responsibility for any such behavior of you.

Special Note:


a. This website serves the users whose purposes of use are for end consumption, such as individual consumers, state agencies, business enterprises and institutions and other social groups. We don’t serve distributors. If we discover any distributor making a purchase, we may refuse to serve it, and all the consequences will be borne by such distributor.

b. Upon the occurrence of any malicious purchase, arbitrage, cashing-out or other act disrupting the normal trading order of the market, we shall have the right to take such actions as including without limit ation freezing the registered account, closing the relevant trading order, or rejecting the delivery. If a user places an order at a relatively concentrated time using same IP address, or otherwise has any conduct that disrupts the normal order of online transactions, we are entitled to unilaterally treat such user as a tout. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service staff.

c. If you are under the age of 18, you can only use this website with the presence of a parent or guardian. This website reserves the right, subject only to applicable laws of the People's Republic of China, to refuse service, close accounts, clear or edit content or cancel orders.

d. If you use this website, you are responsible for keeping your account and password confidential and having access restriction to your computer, and you further agree to be responsible for all the activities that occur under your account.


2. Conclusion of Contract

The photographic display, textual description and price of a good on this website constitute an invitation for an offer. If you order a good through this website, your order becomes an application for the purchase of, or an offer to purchase, such good. Immediately upon you place an order and make the payment for such order, the contract between us shall be formed, upon which we will send you an email concerning the delivery arrangement of your order.


By placing your order for a good, you acknowledge that you have the right and ability to purchase such good and are responsible for the truthfulness of all the information you provide in connection with your order.


3. Description of Goods

This website will make its best effort to ensure the accuracy of the description of goods to the extent possible. However, we do not guarantee that the description of any good or other content on this website is accurate, complete, reliable, mostly updated or error-free.  If any good provided on this website does not match its description, your sole remedy is to return the good to us to the extent it has not been used.


4. Price

We will not be able to confirm the price of a good until you place an order for such good.  Notwithstanding the best efforts we have made, there may still be errors in the price tags for our goods. If we are aware of any good being wrongfully priced, we will determine, as the case may be, whether to contact you for your instructions before delivery, or to cancel the order, stop processing the shipping and notify you.


5. Price Changes and Out of Stock

The price and availability of a specific good are indicated on the website. Such information is subject to change without notice. The shipping fee is billed separately and may vary depending on the shipping method you choose. If an unexpected situation arises, compelling us to change the price for a particular good as a result of a price increase by the supplier or a tax rate adjustment, or a web network error, you are entitled to cancel your order. In such case, we encourage you to promptly send an email notification to our customer service staff.


If any good you have ordered is out of order, you have the right to cancel the order.


6. Delivery

This website will deliver your ordered good to the shipping address designated by you.  Delivery time indicated on this website is an estimated time for your reference only based on the stock availability, our normal processing procedure and shipping time and location.  The referential delivery time does not equal the actual arrival time.


Please fill in your real name, shipping address and contact details clearly and accurately.  If any order is delayed or cannot be delivered due to any of the following reasons, this website shall have no responsibility for such delay in delivery:


 1) The information you provided is incorrect or not detailed enough;

 2) No one is available to sign the receipt upon delivery of the goods, causing repeated distributions;

 3) There is an force majeure event, such as natural disasters, traffic controls, strikes, riots, government actions, unforeseen wars, etc.

 4) Digital goods need no delivery. After you place an order and pay the price for such order, this website will process the order to enable you to watch it on a digital terminal such as a computer or mobile phone.


7. Return and Refund Policy

If the good you purchase on this website is damaged at the time when you receive it, we will either refund you or allow you to return and exchange it with a new one upon presentation by you of the relevant and reasonable information concerning the claimed damage (including pictures showing damage conditions and other records). Once delivered, we do not accommodate any return or exchange request for any good you purchased from this website. When you return or request for a replacement of a damaged good purchased from this website, if such good is out of stock and thus a refund for such damaged good is required, the method to effect such refund may vary depending on the method of the original payment:


 1) For an order paid online, the refund will be made via the original payment path;

 2) For an order paid by way of bank transfer, the refund is credited to the balance of the original ordering account.


8. Mail/Short Message Service

When you visit this website or send us an email, you contact us electronically. You agree to accept our electronic messages. We will contact you by email or by posting a notice on this website. You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other information that we provide to you electronically are in compliance with such statutory requirements that such communications must be in writing. If this website is able to prove that the information in electronic form has been sent to you or that this website immediately posted such notice on the Website, it will be deemed that you have received all agreements, statements, disclosures and other information.


This website reserves the right to send, via e-mail or SMS, to our registered users and shopping users service notices concerning any order information or promotions, etc. If you have registered with and shopped on this website, you are deemed to have implicitly agreed to accept our notification services.


If you do not wish to receive emails from this website, please reply to our email you have received specifying your e-mail address to complete the withdrawal. If you do not wish to receive SMS messages from this website, please contact our customer service telling us your mobile phone number.


9. Copyright Statement

All content on this website such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, sound file clips, digital downloads, data edits, software and trademarks are the properties of this website or its content providers, which are protected under Chinese and international copyright laws. This website or any part thereof may not be copied, reproduced, remade, sold, resold or otherwise utilized for any purpose without the written authorization or permission of this website.


10. Privacy Statement

This website does not disclose, transfer, rent or sell to any third party the list of transactional users, transaction records and other data relating to the personal information of consumers and the non-public content that you maintain with this website in connection with our services, unless you explicitly authorize this website to disclose, or this website has a bona fide belief that it is necessary to disclose this information. You understand and agree that this website has the right to provide you with the necessary information such as registration information and transaction records filled out on this website in accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, or at the request of government authorities (including the judicial and administrative departments).  If you are suspected of infringing on the intellectual property rights of others, this website also has the right to provide the necessary identity information to the right holders upon its preliminary confirmation of the alleged violation.


11. Comments, Opinions, Messages and Other Content

Visitors of this website may post comments and other content, as well as make suggestions, ideas, opinions, questions, or other information as long as the content is not illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory, nor does it infringe on others’ privacy, infringe on others’ intellectual property rights, or otherwise offend, insult or hurt a third party or disturb the public, nor does it include software viruses, political propaganda, commercial solicitation, chain letters, bulk mail or any form of "spam". You may not use a fake e-mail address, impersonate any other person or entity, or otherwise mislead the source of a message or other content. This website reserves the right (but has no obligation) to remove or edit such content, but it may not conduct regular reviews of the posted content.


If you have indeed posted content or submitted certain materials, unless we have your notice to the contrary, you grant this website a non-exclusive, free, permanent, irrevocable and full sub-license for us to use, copy, modify, rewrite, publish, translate, create derivative works, distribute and display such content on any media worldwide.  You grant this website and the sub-licensee the right to use the name you have submitted in connection with such content, if they choose to do so. You represent and warrant that you own or otherwise control the rights to the content you post, and that the content is accurate and that the use of the content you provide does not violate this policy and does not harm anyone or any entity. You represent and warrant that you will be liable for damages to this website arising from the content you provide. This website has the right (but has no obligation) to monitor and edit or remove any activity or content. This website is not responsible for the content posted by you or any third party.


12. Limitation of Liability and Force Majeure

In any case, this website is not responsible for any failure to perform our obligations or for any delays in such performance under the circumstances such as normal equipment maintenance of the Internet infrastructures, Internet connection failures, computer, communication or other system failures, power failures, strikes, riots, fires, floods, storms, explosions, wars, government actions, orders of the judicial administrative departments or inaction of any third party.


13. Revision of the Terms

This website has the right to make and modify the terms and conditions of transactions and/or various special terms from time to time as needed. These terms and conditions are to be made known to the public on this website, and you will not be notified separately of them. The changed trading terms and special terms will automatically take effect as soon as they are posted on this website. If you do not agree to the relevant changes, you should immediately stop shopping on this website or using this website’s services. By continuing to use this website to shop or to use the services of this website, you accept the revised terms of transaction.


14. Enforcement

If for any reason, any part of these Terms of Service and its conditions cannot be enforced, the validity of the other terms and conditions will not be affected.


15. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Any contract formed between you and this website pursuant to these Terms of Service is governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. If there is any dispute between the parties regarding the content of these Terms and Service or its implementation, the parties shall try their best to resolve it through friendly negotiation; failing which either party may bring the dispute to a court of competent jurisdiction in the Liwan District of Guangzhou.