Ma Shu(马书)

Ma Shu(马书)


Ma Shu, born in Pingyu, Henan province, has been committed to the thinking on the aesthetics and dispositions of Chinese Renwen Furniture. He aims at presenting new spatial elements and a new life style based on the heritage of Chinese ancient woodcraft to our era. The furniture he made originated from Tao and took on their forms as utensils, with graceful bearing and artistic conceptions as their carriages. Ma Shu has published several monographs on antiquate furniture including: Made in Ming Qing (Míng Qīng Zhì Zào), The Imagery of Ming Qing (Míng Qīng Yì Xiàng), Sitting Insight (Zuò Guān); the collections of works: The Literati’s Mind That Transcends (Wén Xīn Fēi Dù). The forthcoming publications include a monograph on the aesthetic of Ge Shan (the partition doors and windows of the ancient Chinese architectures), called Crafting Doors and Windows (Kāi Xuān) with six volumes as well as a monograph on the aesthetic of Song furniture (from Song Dynasty of China): Seeing through the Nature’s Secrets and Standing Aloof from the World (Dòng Tiān Wàng Jī), etc..





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