Sigrid Holmwood

Sigrid Holmwood


Sigrid Holmwood, born in Hobart in 1978, studied at Oxford University and graduated from the Royal College of Art, Currently lives and works in Sweden.





Sigrid Holmwood: WoadSigrid Holmwood: Peasants fighting with flail (bum blow)
Sigrid Holmwood: Peasants fighting with flail (head blow)Sigrid Holmwood: Peasants fighting with scythes
Sigrid Holmwood: Land of CockaigneSigrid Holmwood: Painting with flower and song
Sigrid Holmwood: Instrument of torture: wheelSigrid Holmwood: Instrument of torture: chair
Sigrid Holmwood: Instrument of torture: fireSigrid Holmwood: Planta Genista
Sigrid Holmwood: Espino de TintesSigrid Holmwood: Nocheztli (cochineal)
 Sigrid Holmwood: Behind the hedgeSigrid Holmwood: Making Mayan Blue
Sigrid Holmwood: Pigment MarketSigrid Holmwood: Garden
Sigrid Holmwood: Grinding ColoursSigrid Holmwood: Grinding Ingredients
Sigrid Holmwood: RasphuisSigrid Holmwood: Cauldron
Sigrid Holmwood: Brewing a stormSigrid Holmwood: Colourbox: green
Sigrid Holmwood: Colourbox: yellowSigrid Holmwood: Painting Pigments
Sigrid Holmwood: Trelis



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