Yangjiang Group

Autobiography (Tang dynasty, Huaisu) 


Calligraphy, acrylic on canvas

Black acrylic paint was applied on canvas as a base layer. After the base layer was air-dried, a specially made paintbrush was used, with yellow acrylic paint, for splashing and for writing sentences. These sentences are “Huai Su’s home was in Changsha. Ever since I was very young, I (Huai Su) had been studying and serving Buddhism. Between meditations and studying the scriptures, I liked to practice the art of calligraphy during my leisure time. Unfortunately, I felt resentful for not having a chance to glance at the great masters’…” (Huai Su, 777, Autobiography) 

207 × 235 cm

Image and Text: Permagate Space, ©Authors, Permagate Space, 2012


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