Yangjiang Group

Tang Calligraphy III 


Calligraphy, lacquer on canvas

Yellow and green lacquer paint was applied on canvas as a base. Before the base layer was air-dried, with black lacquer paint using a specially made paintbrush, associated with splashing gestures, a paragraph was written on top of it: “a gentleman must devote himself to fundamental cultivation. Yang Xiong said: ‘poetry is a small case, people with ambitions won’t devote themselves in it.’ Not to mention concentrating on thinking about the method of writing, and burying themselves in studying calligraphy. People who concentrate their energy on chess could be praised as ‘zuoyin’; people who love fishing…” (Sun Guoting, 687, A Narrative on Calligraphy) 

285× 176  cm

Courtesy of the Artist and Permagate Space.


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