Danh Vo: Broom and Sponge Set

Danh Vo: Broom and Sponge Set

Artist: Danh Vo
Year: 2015
Material: Sorgum, reed, bamboo, high-density foam
Size: Dimensions variable

Broom and Sponge Set constitutes of a set of sponges and two Thai brooms (one large and one small).


Set of 9 sponges in a transparent plastic box, printed with a motif of The Martyrdom of Jean Charles Cornay c. 1837, Artist Unknown (Vietnamese) and two hand made Thai brooms, one large and one small. The thread binding of each large broom can vary in colour.


Cornay ’s story, told through relics brought back to France, had a profound influence on several subsequent generations of missionaries. Born in 1829, Vénard was so influenced by this story that he went to Tonkin in 1854 as a missionary. As Christian persecution continued, Vénard was arrested in the village of Ke-Beo on 30 November 1860 and locked in a cell. He was sent to Hanoi where he was put on trial, and on 2 February 1861, he was beheaded.



Title: Broom and Sponge Set
Artist: Danh Vo
Year: 2015
Material: Sorgum, reed, bamboo, high-density foam
Size: Dimensions variable



Large Broom
Reed, bamboo
H: 105×W: 65 cm



Small Broom
Sorghum, bamboo
H: 31.5 × W: 17 cm



A set of 9 pieces
High-density Foam
30×45×4 cm



About Danh Vō

Danh Vō was born in Bà Rja, Vietnam, 1975. Vō’s family fled the country in a homemade boat when Vo was four years old, the vessel was rescued at sea by a Danish freighter. Grew up in Denmark, studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (1998-2002) in Copenhagen and the Städelschule (2002-2005) in Frankfurt, Danh Vō currently lives in Berlin and Mexico City. His artistic practices often address issues relating to identity and belonging, authority, ownership, the role of personal relationships and other conditions that define human existence in contemporary time.


Photo by Nick Ash

Image and Text: the shop, ©Authors, the shop, 2019


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