Michele Ciacciofera: Emisferi Sud

Michele Ciacciofera: Emisferi Sud

Authors: Ami Barak, Bonaventure Soh Bejeng, etc.
Editor/Designer: Nero
Publisher: Nero
ISBN: 9788880560173
2018 I Italian, English I 16×20cm I 168

In Michele Ciaccioferas artistic practice, the process of unraveling plural temporalities starts from a particular geophysical and social space: the Mediterranean Basin. It takes the cue from objects, natural resources, and cultures of the island of Sardinia as basic elements of human history. His effort not only challenges time but also amnesia, becoming a quest for a culture of memory.


Emisferi Sud (Southern Hemispheres) is the title of Ciaccioferas exhibition at the MAN Museum in Nuoro, as well as of its catalog. It refers mainly to the Mediterranean Sea as a cultural matrix, both the centre of the world and its periphery. A unifying sea distinguished by cultural acquisition and heritage, bitterness and initiation. The catalog documents the works conceived specifically for the exhibition, such as Life Swing, or readapted for the museums spaces—the installation Janas Code, presented for the first time at the 2017 Venice Biennale, and The Density of the Transparent Wind, an acoustic work commissioned by documenta 14. Essays by the exhibition curator Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, writer Hu Fang, art critic and curator Ami Barak, and a conversation between the artist and MAN director Lorenzo Giusti accompany the visual narration.











Sneaking into the Limbo of Time  19

Grazie, Daughters of the Wind  37

Life Swing: An Interview with Michele Ciacciofera  55

Universal Sardinian Questions in the Work of Michele Ciacciofera  73

Plates  77

Works  158

Selected Exhibitions  162



About Michele Ciacciofera

Born on the island of Sardinia in 1969 and raised in Sicily, Michele Ciacciofera has always been invested in the relationship between human existence and the natural world. Using a variety of artistic approaches, including sculpture, painting, drawing, theater, video and sound, he freely combines media and methods in his exploration of nature, history, mythology and humanity.

A conceptual artist at heart, Ciacciofera is concerned first and foremost with the subject, narrative and feeling that he wishes to convey, with the materials – drawn from a host of sources – following the concept. He constantly calls upon his background in political science, keen interest in environmentalism, and fixation with individual memory, folding in research, activism, and his own subjective reality to create poetic experiences.


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