Jun Yang: The Monograph Project, Volume 4–6

Jun Yang: The Monograph Project, Volume 4–6

Book 4: Jan Jung, Book 5: Yi Chuan, Book 6: Jun Yang; 2018



Jun Yang’s monograph is a series of six books, which altogether form one monograph, though it might be surprising when looking at all issues. Formats, papers, covers, printing techniques, and most importantly, the name of the artist change: from June Young, Yang Jun, Tun Yang, Jan Jung to Yi Chuan, and Jun Yang. The six-part monograph is structured alongside key issues and key projects the artist has done over the past eighteen years.


According to its general definition, a monograph is a specialist work of writing on a single subject, usually by a single author. This is also the case here: the subject is the work of Jun Yang and the monograph is overseen by one editor, yet many authors write. However, the comprehensive Monograph-Project is not an overly ambitious monograph that celebrates one artist’s work—on the contrary, it challenges the genre of monographs, monographic and biographic writing centred round the persona of one artist and his oeuvre. The emphasis is placed on various subjects, all the more, the project suggests “different” artists by varying the name of Jun Yang. Monograph and biography turn themselves into subjects of examination.


Although different in content, format, materiality, design, and—not to forget— the slightly changing name of the artist, the single books will be interrelated: projects, aspects, and visual elements will be taken up time and again, reframed and re-discussed from different angles. Again, gaps are deliberately produced to keep the entire monograph as fragmented and fragile as the issues related to it.


The concept has been developed by Jun Yang and Barbara Steiner, and translated into a visual format by Oliver Klimpel. The Monograph Project is published with Jovis Verlag (Berlin).


Volume 1-3 published 2015.

Volume 4-6 published 2018.


Book 1: June Young, Book 2: Yang Jun, Book 3: Tun Yang; 2015

Book 4: Jan Jung, Book 5: Yi Chuan, Book 6: Jun Yang; 2018


   Volume 4: Jan Jung

Format: 21.6x27.9cm

Page: 128







Volume 4 focuses on Jun Yang’s socio-political projects. They address xenophobia, nationalism, gentrification, and China’s striving for power in the Southeast Pacific. It also introduces Yang’s realized and not realized projects in public areas. With text contributions by Claudia Büttner, Martin Fritz, Holger Kube Ventura, Jeff Leung, Barbara Steiner, Jun Yang.



Volume 5: Yi Chuan

Format: 10.5x14.6cm

Page: 383











Volume 5 centers on the artist’s personality, alter egos, double and plural identities. With text contributions by Yuki Okumura, Andreas Spiegl, Barbara Steiner, Jun Yang.



Volume 6: Jun Yang

Format: 16.2x22.9cm

Page: 80










Volume 6 considers various forms of cooperation. Changes in authorship, breaches in identity construction, reflections on the roles of artist, designer, and editor form the conclusion to the Monograph Projects. With text contributions by Oliver Klimpel, Barbara Steiner, Jun Yang.



About Jun Yang

Born in 1975 in Qingtian, PR China, and grew up in Vienna. Now he lives and works in Vienna, Taipei and Yokohama. His works include films, installations, performances and projects in the public space. Yang is a co-founder of Taipei Contemporary Art Center. Together with his brother Yang Tie and his friend Dong Ngo, he founded the restaurant and bar ra’mien in 2002 and the restaurant chain ra’mien go in 2012. The Café Leopold also recently opened at Leopold Museum in Vienna.

Jun Yang often tells stories in his works that stem from his personal history and focus on questions of cultural and national identity, in particular, what it means to grow up in-between different cultures without resorting to identity politics, and he explores ideas of landscape, home, architecture and social structure – mostly with quirky humor and intimacy.

Jun Yang has participated in several international biennials (Manifesta 2002, Venice 2005, Liverpool 2006, Taipei 2008, Gwangju 2012 and 2018, Bangkok 2018, and Sydney 2018), and his recent solo exhibitions/projects include: The Artist, the Work and the Exhibition, Kunsthaus, Graz (2019); The Overview Perspective, Art Sonje Center, Seoul (2018); A Short-Story on Forgetting and Remembering, ShugoArts, Tokyo (2010); Paris Syndrome, Vitamin Creative Space, Guangzhou (2008). Jun Yang was the 25th Msgr. Otto Mauer Prize Winner (2005); in 2017 he received the Prize for Fine Arts of the City of Vienna.


Photo by Wen Peng

Image and Text: the shop, ©Authors, the shop, 2019


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