Pak Sheung-chuen: Odd One in II — Invisible Travel

Pak Sheung-chuen: Odd One in II — Invisible Travel

Author: Pak Sheung-chuen
Editor: Leung Po-shan
Designer: Eileen Ng
Publisher: MCCM Creations、Para / Site Art Space
ISBN: 9789889926656
2009 I Chinese, English I 21×18cm I 248

Travelling could be about 'being present'; at times, it could have nothing to do with 'being present' — it could be an imaginary act for a beautiful, unseen place. On an ordinary day it could also become a wonderful part of our memory, taking us to somewhere far away...; an afternoon...; a section of the road...; or a strip of cloud. Odd One In II: Invisible Travel is a collection of Pak's art documentation about 'getting lost' in an unfamiliar place and 'seeing from his inner eye' during his travels in Italy, New York, Korea, Tokyo, Malaysia and China.

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About Pak Sheung Chuen (白雙全)

Born in 1977 in Fujian, Pak Sheung Chuen immigrated to Hong Kong in 1984 and graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2002, he currently lives and works in Hong Kong.

Pak Sheung Chuen’s practice might be described as immaterial, everyday, process-based, and collaborative. He draws from his daily life experiences in and around Hong Kong to create playful, yet thoughtful, works that upturn ordinary everyday experiences into unexpected surprises and encounters. Although never visually spectacular, Pak’s projects reconfigure a personal system that involves bodily actions and effectively challenges the existing social logic and commodity-based culture. His art is almost invisible, almost impossible to document, but manages to explore the human condition in all its complexities and with loving precision.


Photo by Wen Peng,You Zhengyu

Image and Text: the shop, ©Authors, the shop, 2019


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