Perfect Journey Vol.1

Perfect Journey Vol.1

Concept, Editing: Hu Fang
Design: Vitamin Creative Space
Publiser: Vitamin Creative Space
Limited Editions: 100
Dimensions: 33x23cm
Year: 2005

Perfect Journey is a series publication, which is exploring the different personal encounters with Chinese social reality. All these personal expressions through images are like a diary to make dialogue with the Chinese social space and life. In the modern society of China, the memory of the context of daily experience is rapid covered and recreated. This publication is trying to catch the social experience in the certain moment of China from different angel and layers. First volume of Perfect Journey is selection of the images by four Chinese photographers (Wang Ningde, Xu Peiwu, Yan Changjiang and Zeng Han), one video work by Hongkong based French architect group Gutierrez + Portefaix (Mapoffice), and a short fiction by writer Hu Fang.


Perfect Journey Vol.1 is publication with edition of 100. This publication is exploring an alternative way of collecting. 6 photos are available from each photographer and the whole publication includes 24 photos from 4 photographers, one DVD and a piece of short fiction. The Publication try to encourage people not only collect these visual materials but also can very flexible to use them for mini presentation in different situations, so the visual material in this publication can be a dynamic platform to share the social/culture experience.


Work List of Perfect Journey Vol.1:

PRD Stories, Video,18 min, Gutierrez + Portefaix,2003

Journey·Daylight Dream, Photo, Wang Ningde, 1998-2004

Nansha Horizon, Photo, Xu Peiwu, 2002

The World, Photo, Zeng Han, 2004-05

Night Zoo, Photo, Yan Changjiang, 2002

Asia·Destination, Fiction, Hu Fang,2001






Image and Text: the shop, ©Authors, the shop, 2019


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